Strategy: Gate to great

At Port of Aalborg, we work every day to make it attractive for companies to locate in Aalborg by creating the green business park and logistics hub of the future – and hereby helping companies to develop from  good to great

Your gate to great

There is a place where the horizon is broader and the sky is limitless – both physically and mentally. A place that inspires vision, experimental thought and affords space for both people and new ideas.

In Aalborg, we are masters in transformation thanks to our location by the fjord, which throughout history, with our port as a vital hub, has spawned countless inspirations from outside, inciting open-mindedness, unpretentiousness and drive.

We were there when enterprising merchants began trading internationally and Denmark’s large, prominent companies brought global notoriety to the city. We played a key role when North Atlantic trading took off, and we have played a central role in Aalborg’s transformation from an industrial town to a contemporary smart city.

Knowledge and innovation are key words for Port of Aalborg. We are far more than a traditional port or logistics centre. We are the gateway to a new and brighter future creating growth, opportunities and new jobs that benefit both businesses and the community alike – with global perspective.

Port of Aalborg has grown steadily in recent years, and we have ambitions to continue to do so. As one of the largest business parks in Denmark, we offer optimal and flexible conditions for business and industrial purposes, where symbioses and resource sharing are considered and where green transition is applied proactively to create new business opportunities.

We understand the challenges of tomorrow, and based on our specialized knowledge, we can provide effective solutions to both new and existing issues within innovation, production, transport, logistics and not least sustainability.

In addition, we derive many unique benefits from our collaboration with Aalborg Municipality and Aalborg University, one of the best technical universities in the world. This close collaboration has also resulted in the ambition to become Denmark’s green test centre, which supports the 17 UN sustainable development goals and accelerates the green transition pioneered by Denmark since the 1970s.

To us, development is a question of mutual responsibility and empowerment through collaboration and the dissemination of knowledge. Constantly pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve and transforming good to great, both for each individual company and the wider community. Together, we lay the foundation for growth, innovation and not least sustainable breakthroughs.

We are Port of Aalborg – gate to great


Port of Aalborg will operate as an inland port with a 360-degree hinterland and an intermodal logistics centre. This means that we are focused on both sea and land. Against this background, Port of Aalborg will make it attractive for existing and new companies to locate in the nearby business areas by ensuring optimum development opportunities for companies, subsequently helping them to grow from good to great.


Port of Aalborg will be a significant growth generator, contributing to increased employment, greater prosperity and the well-being of Aalborg’s residents, in respect of their professional and private lives. Moreover, Port of Aalborg will adopt a central role in the development and recognition of Aalborg as Europe’s green capital and Denmark’s leading sustainable industrial symbiosis. Port of Aalborg will be gate to great.

Cargo & logistics

Hub for specialised cargo handling and tailored logistics solutions via ship, rail and road for the business community of North Jutland.

Business Park

Aalborg’s largest industrial business park and future growth zone with attractive conditions for the operation and development of companies.

Green transition

Focus on sustainable business development throughout the value chain by the development and implementation of new solutions, behavioural patterns and forms of collaboration.

Growth driver in the region

As one of the largest commercial actors in North Jutland, we shall and will take responsibility for industrial development in the region. Consequently, we assume two roles in our daily operations.

Company: Port of Aalborg continuously focuses on operational results and business development. We are constantly striving to develop and become stronger in logistics, collaboration, human competencies and the environment.

Integrator: Port of Aalborg supports business clusters with competitiveness and national significance. We contribute to municipal and regional development objectives and establish partnerships with relevant organisations, companies and institutions.

Quality management: ISO 9001

Port of Aalborg has three main business areas: Port operations, infrastructure, and leasing of land and buildings. In these areas, we operate in a highly competitive market, and it is crucial that we maintain customer focus and continuously strive to become more skilled, efficient, and sharpen our focus on improvements. Therefore, Port of Aalborg is certified in quality management. The management system includes a series of agreements for work processes and methods that ensure systematicity and control for us.

The quality management system should help us to:

  • meet the needs and expectations of customers and other stakeholders
  • comply with legal requirements regarding the quality of our performance
  • strengthen customer satisfaction
  • have a risk and opportunity-based mindset

Environmental management: ISO 14001

Through prioritised and long-term climate and environmental activities, Port of Aalborg will take the lead on environmentally sustainable development. We are therefore certified in environmental management, whereby we commit to systematic monitoring and management of environmental conditions at the port and continuously work towards environmental improvements.

The environmental management system helps us to:

  • conduct an annual environmental review of the company
  • continuously improve our environmental performance, even beyond legal requirements
  • adopt an environmental policy and set targets for our environmental activities
  • establish new annual targets and action plans for environmental improvements
  • publish our environmental policy on environmental performance
  • actively involve employees in environmental activities

Risk management: ISO 31000

As Port of Aalborg’s portfolio and processes have become more complex over time, exposure to risk has also become far more complex. To this end, we have implemented risk management in order to structure our work to minimise risk for the entire port.

The risk management system shall help us to:

  • identify, assess and manage all the risks associated with our business at strategic, process-oriented and operational levels
  • provide a holistic and coordinated basis for decisions
  • strengthen our culture of improvement
  • enhance the working environment

CSR management: ISO/DS 49001

At Port of Aalborg, we are aware that we as a company have a responsibility for our local community. Consequently, we have opted to be certified in CSR management. CSR certification systematises our relations with the local community, ensuring that we continually develop our systems and that we are challenged on actions and priorities.

At the same time, the system focuses on the area so that we remain conscious of and always work towards providing value for the community both socially and ethically. We achieve this by not only helping to create new jobs and new businesses, but also by helping to make Aalborg a great place to live.

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Anders Klitgaard

Risk Manager

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