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At Port of Aalborg, we can operate cranes, build and lease property, consult on sustainability and logistics solutions and much more. Consequently, you can meet employees here wearing everything from safety footwear and yellow workwear to smart shirts and trousers.

Denne boks må ikke fjernes, da den sørger for at første fane er lukket

We are constantly looking for new colleagues, and you are always welcome to submit an unsolicited application with the relevant attachments to

Unsolicited application

We are constantly looking for new colleagues, and you are always welcome to submit an unsolicited application with the relevant attachments.

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Mette Dam Frederiksen

HR Partner

Part of an ambitious company

As an employee of Port of Aalborg, you share in our vision of contributing to growth and prosperity in Aalborg. Our stated goal is to create new jobs, and we are therefore working determinedly to provide and develop the best settings for the companies in our business park. We therefore also need a multitude of different skills including both newly graduated talents and seasoned professionals. Do our ambitions sound like something you might like to become a part of? Why not check our vacancies or send us an unsolicited application.

A wide range of disciplines

Port of Aalborg employs a multi-disciplined team of 100 employees spanning a broad range of professions. These include engineers, port assistants, economists, PhDs, ship masters, communications professionals, technical specialists, project managers, crane operators and port workers. All our employees are well qualified to execute the numerous different tasks that we carry out and that our customers and partners expect of us.

Professional and personal development

We believe that professional and personal development is the key to retaining and motivating our employees and, not least, strengthening our business. We are therefore always responsive to our employees’ needs for courses or further education.

Interested in a trainee or student programme?

We constantly strive to learn more and gain insight into the latest knowledge, and we therefore see it as a great opportunity to take in newly educated talents. Every year, we induct new trainees/students into a two-year training programme. After the two-year period, they also have an opportunity to continue their employment in our talent programme. So, watch out for our vacancies or send us an unsolicited application.

Students from various educations

At Port of Aalborg, we accept students from several different educational institutions, including HHX (Higher Commercial Exam), Technical college, UCN etc. If you think you have an interesting background, you are very welcome to contact us, so we can have a talk about your options.

Start your career with us

Every year, we take in new interns. We see it as our duty to help young talents start their careers, while ensuring that we are constantly up to date with the latest knowledge and innovation. So, watch out for our vacancies or send us an unsolicited application.

Gain great responsibility as an intern

During a Port of Aalborg internship, you have the opportunity to garner great responsibility and to work closely with the relevant employees.

We have previously had trainees in CSR, communication, sales and marketing, building construction, HR, etc. Listen in the video to how one of our former HR trainees, currently employed in communication, describes their internship at Port of Aalborg.

Collaborative projects

We take great pride in collaborating with the educational institutions by being e.g. a case company in various learning pathways and project collaborations. Consequently, we help students learn to connect theory to practice, while we as a company become wiser and not least challenged on our “practices”.

If as a project group or educational institution you are interested in collaboration, you are welcome to contact us.

Market Analyst & Marketing Manager

Business Controller & Financial Trainee

Technology Consultant

HR Junior Consultant

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