CSR strategy: Greater Port

For us, CSR is not just a three-letter trendy abbreviation – CSR is an integral part of our DNA and a managerial lever for creating growth and prosperity in Aalborg via our core business. We work systematically on the basis of a CSR strategy which, through our business areas, shall support progress in the rest of the business community, civil society and the environment both locally and globally, thereby continuously reinforcing positive development in society as a whole.

Greater Port, greater life

Our CSR strategy is called Greater Port and is the guideline for how we systematically work with CSR as an integral part of business operations to promote the overall development of society. With strategic partnerships and networks at its core, it centres on two focus areas:

  • Supporting Port of Aalborg’s strategy and business by assuming joint responsibility for the ecosystem to which we belong
  • Contributing to the societal goals in Aalborg as a sustainable, recreational and progressive city.

Gender equality plan

Gender equality and diversity are core values for Port of Aalborg Research & Development, and we work determinedly to promote gender equality and diversity with the aspiration of becoming a diverse and inclusive organisation.

Fundamentally, we view diversity as a strength and prerequisite for fulfilling our objective. Without this, we are unable to attract and retain the skilled employees and talents that increase the quality of our development and research activities.

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UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Naturally, as a responsible and modern company, we concentrate the strategic business management around the 17 UN sustainable development goals. We are focused on four selected goals, and they are rooted deeply in our core business and strategy:

8: Decent work and economic growth
9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12: Responsible consumption and production
17: Partnerships for the goals

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CSR management: ISO/DS 49001

At Port of Aalborg, we are aware that we as a company have a responsibility for our local community. Consequently, we have chosen to become CSR management certified. CSR certification systematizes our relationships with the local community and ensures that we continuously develop our systems and are challenged on our actions and priorities.

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School tours

We love having school classes visit us at the port, and we would really like to teach the younger generations about Port of Aalborg and the maritime history of Aalborg. Therefore, we are always ready to give a free, guided tour of the port combined with stories about our everyday life and some light refreshments.

The tour can vary from a few hours to an entire school day. Here, the tour will be expanded to include the port’s own logistics game, in which students use both their hands, feet and collaborative skills. Through the logistics game, the students learn about transport, production and logistics, when they in groups have to the play roles of freight forwarder and producer.

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Megan Ward

Tour guide

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