As a collaborative partner of Port of Aalborg, you will receive services of the highest quality. In addition to the handling and storage of cargo, we also provide service solutions on water and land, both for temporary customers and those who have settled permanently in our area. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

Ideal facilities for cargo handling

Port of Aalborg has the facilities to assist through the entire process from receiving, screening and handling the goods to storage, packaging and further distribution:

Our equipment

We command a wide range of machinery that includes our own equipment, supplemented via a strategic collaboration with ProTruck, which is one of Denmark’s largest suppliers of forklift trucks, terminal tractors, special machines and other logistics solutions. 

  • Mobile cranes, fixed cranes and  coal cranes
  • Lorries and contractor machinery
  • Sailing equipment
  • Public customs warehouse

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Søren Bæk Christensen

Director of Operation

Avoid customs duties and other taxes

Port of Aalborg offers public customs warehousing at several locations throughout the port, where your transit cargo can be held and stored without payment of customs, duties and other taxes. For instance, there are customs warehouses for imported containers at the container terminal. The location of our customs warehouses optimises the handling of containers as the containers can be taken directly from the ship to the customs warehouse at the container terminal. Similarly, customs warehousing has been established in a warehouse at the Port of Aalborg, which makes the loading of e.g. palletised goods far more efficient.

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Christian Tvorup Træholt

Senior Commercial Manager, Container

Rasmus Munk Kolind

Senior Commercial Manager, Container & Rail

Do you need stevedoring?

Port of Aalborg’s subsidiary Aalborg Stevedore Company, based at East Port, is ready to provide their expertise. This versatile team of specialised employees is ready to meet your needs and facilitate the best ship operations and warehouse solutions. Safety is emphasised when designing logistics solutions that are always tailored to you and your company.

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Søren Bæk Christensen

Director of Operation

Business Terms and Conditions

Transparency and clear guidelines are essential for good collaboration with our customers, which is why you will find our detailed business terms and conditions. The Business Terms and Conditions available below are applicable for this calendar year. Our Business Terms and Conditions for the coming year are published at the end of each October, with effect from 1st January.

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