The cruise ships love Aalborg and visit our beautiful city every year! Here you can follow the call schedule, which we continuously update.  

9/5 2024Viking VenusRoyal Cruise Berth12.0018.00928465
25/5 2024Viking VenusRoyal Cruise Berth8.0013.00928465
26/5 2024Viking SkyRoyal Cruise Berth12.0018.00950465
29/5 2024Viking NeptuneRoyal Cruise Berth12.0018.00928465
4/6 2024Silver DawnRoyal Cruise Berth9.0018.00596411
11/6 2024Viking SkyRoyal Cruise Berth8.0013.00950465
14/6 2024Viking NeptuneRoyal Cruise Berth8.0013.00928465
25/6 2024ArtaniaRoyal Cruise Berth12.0023.001260537
29/6 2024AmadeaRoyal Cruise Berth10.0020.00624292
4/7 2024Viking VenusRoyal Cruise Berth12.0018.00928465
7/7 2024Seabourn QuestRoyal Cruise Berth8.0017.00450335
14/7 2024Spirit of AdventureRoyal Cruise Berth8.0017.00999540
20/7 2024Viking VenusRoyal Cruise Berth8.0013.00928465
22/7 2024Star LegendRoyal Cruise Berth8.0017.00208164
24/7 2024Viking NeptuneRoyal Cruise Berth12.0018.00928465
9/8 2024Viking NeptuneRoyal Cruise Berth8.0013.00928465
13/8 2024Star LegendRoyal Cruise Berth8.0016.00208164
18/8 2024Viking SkyRoyal Cruise Berth12.0018.00950465
3/9 2024Viking SkyRoyal Cruise Berth8.0013.00950465
16/12 2024PhoenixRoyal Cruise Berth10.0020.00624292

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