Emergency response and safety

A port can be a dangerous area to navigate, which is why safety and emergency management are our top priority. Everyone travelling within the port areas must follow the safety procedures and emergency plans below, to ensure that the port of Aalborg is a safe place to move about for visitors, workers and users on other business.

ISPS secured port area

All Port of Aalborg commercial quay areas are ISPS implemented and approved accordingly. All persons accessing Port of Aalborg ISPS areas are required to show a valid photo ID and must be able to document their reason for being there. Anyone failing to comply with these regulations will be expelled from the area and reported to the authorities if deemed necessary. ISPS data:

  • Port ID UN locator code: DKAAL
  • Port ID number: 10328

Requirements for ships

Ships calling on the port of Aalborg shall report in accordance with the national SafeSeaNet requirements. All visitors, deliveries, supplies etc. must be reported to the Port of Aalborg prior to arrival. The captain can preferably require the agent to handle the local reporting.

Port of Aalborg’s maritime security personnel will come on board the ship and collect the necessary documents if:

  • this is the first time the vessel has called into Aalborg
  • it is one year since the documents were last collected
  • the ship has received new or amended documents

Required documents

  • Copy of the vessel’s ISSC certificate
  • Copy of the vessel’s tonnage certificate
  • Copy of the dimensions and data of the vessel

Port facilities

  • DKAAL-0001: Bulk terminal, quay 8004-8006
  • DKAAL-0002: Container and multi terminal, quay 8011-8016
  • DKAAL-0004: Multi-cargo terminal – Central Port, quay 4110-4111
  • DKAAL-0005: North Port – Nordjylland power station, quay 0700
  • DKAAL-0007: Oil terminal, quay 4113 + 4121-4125
  • DKAAL-0008: South Port – Royal Cruise Berth, quay 4041
  • DKAAL-0009: Commercial Port North – PPH, quay 3014-3016

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Safety at the oil terminals

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Safety in the terminal areas

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