Port of Aalborg’s business segments are widespread, which is why we have a diverse range of specialists in the company. Find the right employee below, or call us on +45 99 30 15 00 and let us help you.

Sales & Marketing
Real Estate & Property Management
Port Traffic Service
Research & Development
Economics, Technology & Administration
Technical & Environment
Planning & Operation
School tours

Betina C. Mose Nielsen

CFO, CIO & Head of Administration

Jesper Raakjær

Group Chief Visionary Officer, Professor

Michael Rosenkilde Lind

Chief Commercial Officer

Mette Schmidt

Chief Technical & Sustainability Officer

Henrik Lybæk

Head of Real Estate & Property Management

Søren Bæk Christensen

Director of Operation

Jeppe Faber

Senior Commercial Manager, Real Estate

Rasmus Munk Kolind

Senior Commercial Manager, Container & Rail

Christian T. Træholt

Senior Commercial Manager, Container

Lars Jøker

Project Director

Allan Næs Gjerding

Chief Consultant

Palle Skyum

Senior Consultant

Lucia Mortensen

Senior Consultant

Bjarke Møller

Development Consultant

Kirstine Juul Pedersen

Process Consultant (on leave)

Belinda Nors

Process Consultant

Anne Sivesgaard Jensen

Sustainability Consultant

Rikke Drustrup

CCUS PhD Fellow & Sustainability Consultant

Mikkel Kalmo Guldhammer

Senior Technology Consultant

Leonie Schlüter

PhD Fellow

Andreas Vintervad

Business Analyst

Magnus Vilsøe

Student Assistant

Michael K. Andersen

Financial Controller

Jesper Schou Madsen

Business Intelligence Specialist

Niels Dalsgaard

Business Controller

Anette Skyum

Financial Controller

Birgitte G. Andersen

Financial Assistant

Birthe Nielsen

Financial Assistant

Dorthe H. Andersen

Financial Assistant

Michael T. Sørensen

Financial Trainee

Sarah Heyckendorff Maler Hansen

Financial Trainee

Simon Søndergaard

Financial Trainee

Peter Bjerg Olesen

Technology & Logistics Specialist

Sisse Helena Jørgensen


Rasmus Hededal


Mette Dam Frederiksen

HR Partner

Andreas Faulkner

Junior Legal Counsel

Anne Nygaard

Administrative Assistant & PA

Anders Klitgaard

Risk Manager

Camilla W. Sørensen

Process Trainee

Kathrine Ø. Bergmann

HR Student Assistant

Brian D. Rasmussen

Engineer, Environment & Port Facilities

Søren Schiødt Nielsen

Chartered Surveyor

Carsten V. Ladefoged

Engineer, Construction of New Buildings

Mark Tholstrup

Senior Engineer & Project Manager

Mette Kromann Mandrup

Senior Engineer & Project Manager

Finn Fuglsang

Technical Designer

Anda Varna

Junior Engineer, Digital & Environmental Design

Dennis Bossen

Junior Specialist, Energy & Environmental Technology

Christian Grønhøj

Technical Designer Trainee

Camilla Brämer

Academic Coordinator & PA

Ole Svendsen

Chief Consultant Operation

Kirstine Juul Pedersen

Process Consultant (on leave)

Rune Christensen

Facility & Maintenance Manager

Maja Thordahl Schou

Head of Communications